Public hearing on the following proposed ordinances held on Friday, June 14, 2024, at the Lamberto R. Te Cultural Center:

☑️“An Ordinance Prescribing for Prioritization and Commitment to Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Exited Households in the Delivery of Services to Exited Household Through the Adoption of the Convergence Provision of RA 11310 in the Municipality of Daanbantayan”.

Sponsor: Hon. Wendell Rosell

☑️“An Ordinance Implementing Forced Evacuation as a Resort When a Disaster or Emergency has been Declared in the Municipality of Daanbantayan, Cebu and Imminent Danger to Life or Health is Apparent, Providing Penalties therefore and for their Purposes”.

Sponsor: Hon. Jupiter Roy Rosell

☑️“An Ordinance Establishing the Municipal Epidemiological and Surveillance Unit (MESU) in the Municipality of Daanbantayan, Creating its Compositions, Prescribing its Duties and Functions and Providing Funds thereof”. Sponsor: Hon. Rex Novabos

☑️“An Ordinance Declaring the Existing Municipal Parks, Playground, Public Park, and Public Spaces”.

Sponsor: Hon. Louise Marvi Loot-Pinos.

In full force during the public hearing were Vice Mayor Elver Ali Abucay, SB Member Jupiter Roy Rosell, SB Member Gilbert Arrabis, Jr., SB Member Simplicio Mantos, SB Member Louise Marvi Loot-Pinos, SB Member Rex Novabos. SB Member Lolita Ybañez, SB Member Maria Bregidorietta Tancawan, and SB Member Mark Anthony Luche.

Also in attendance were barangay captains, RHU, barangay health workers, purok leaders, barangay tanod, BDRRMO officers, SK officials, 4Ps members, and other stakeholders.



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