Boy Scouts from Daanbantayan National High School participate in the LGU-initiated IEC campaign on proper waste disposal and management.

Boy Scouts:

Clark Alcala

John Marky Buan

Jeoshua Canda

Jean Roult Conde

Feid Dayday

Mark Dela Cerna

Kenneth Monterde

Arvie Pedraya

June Ver Ramos

Mamerto Rodrigo

Vince Homer Rosales

Clifford Tangeres

Carl Godwin Tecson

Rodel Yballe

Initiated by the Public Information Office and LYDO, this project is fully supported by Mayor Sun Shimura, Sir Vic Loot, Councilor Marvi Loot-Pinos, and Daanbantayan National High School through Dr. Archie Gallego and Mrs. Carmecille Tamayo-Valiente with Mr. Ramiro Baquir and MENRO Head Mamerto Rodrigo. 2/13/2023


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