10 Point Agenda


  • A Holistic and Proactive approach on anti-criminality campaign addressing two major factors that give birth to Crime–(DESIRE and OPPORTUNITY, shall be implemented.) DESIRE on the part of the would-be criminal can be traced back to upbringing and values hence there is a need to involve the community and the church since law enforcer may find it hard to penetrate that little kingdom where the only law that governs is the words of the parents. In critical collaboration therefore, the Government, the Family, and the Church will be requested to participate and shall educate and indoctrinate their family members and their congregation respectively that DESIRE can be curtailed before it becomes a habit through proper upbringing and God’s words and teachings. OPPORTUNITY, on the other hand, will be addressed and negated by the LGU by fully supporting the law enforcers on their Crime Prevention Function. As part of the anti-criminality campaign, the LGU will ensure 24-hour police visibility by restoring 5 DANGPANAN Centers, to be stationed in 5 strategic areas considered as crime prone and areas that will tactically cover ingress and egress to the municipality and 1 Center each in the island barangays of Carnaza and Logon. The centers will be manned by police personnel reinforced by BPATs and Tanods provided with transportation and interlinked radio communication for quick response and logistical support.
  • Develop and establish a community based policing program to address all forms of criminality especially illegal fishing and drugs.There is no better person who understands the criminal mind than the person who has been fighting criminality for the last 37 years. Gen. Loot’s vast experience and knowledge in dealing with lawless elements from 1978 to July 2015 will provide an assurance that in his 1st 100 days in office, zero criminality will be achieved. Fact- in 2000 and 2001, in his incumbency as Regional Chief of the Narcotics Group, Regional Anti Narcotics Office 7, he made Daanbantayan as a pilot area in his Anti-Drug Strategy and has in fact proven successful when he involved and collaborated with the LGUs, the Schools, and the Church in the war against drugs – Daanbantayan at that time was declared zero drugs because of that strategy and it is not far from happening again once Gen. Loot is elected as Mayor.


  • Scholarship Program shall be repackaged so that it will be responsive to the needs and aspirations of one poor family. It should be designed not just to help those who desire to go to school but more on the long term goal of lifting the literacy and poverty level of the sitio folks. A “STUDY NOW PAY LATER” Scheme of scholarship program shall be implemented. The scheme will obligate both the LGU and the scholar to ensure success of the program through a Memorandum of Agreement where the LGU will provide scholarship to an indigent, establish an office that will manage the program and ensure that the scholar can find work immediately after graduation; while the scholar is under the obligation that after graduation and after employment, he shall PAY the LGU by way of sponsoring another person to the scholarship to the program, preferably his siblings, family member or relatives.


  • The LGU shall restore and expand the Health Care Program that will provide FREE local emergency health care to Kandayan-ons, Free Medicine, Subsidized Hospitalization if patient is brought to the city, and P 6,000.00 Burial Assistance.Every sitio of the municipality shall be provided with a trained Barangay Health Worker (BHW) to oversee and monitor and serves as Dangpanan Center of those in need of medical attention.Medical missions shall be regularly brought to the Barangays for Health care and prevention efforts.
  • MUNICIPAL CEMETERIES WILL NOT BE CLOSED but will be properly managed, improved, and be made presentable and orderly in accordance with the Health and Sanitation Code of the Government.


  • Aggressive promotion of Malapascua Island as a diving destination shall be instituted in coordination and in collaboration with an organized business community in Malapascua Island, Department of Tourism, and Association of Travel Agencies and Hotels for tie up.Tourism support facilities and services shall be adequately provided in coordination with concerned National Govt Agencies.
  • COMPLETION of the Circumferential road around Malapascua Island,
  • Develop and provide source of Potable fresh water for both Malapascua  and Carnaza Island,
  • Develop new TOURISM products such as; Agri-Eco development, Extreme Eco-Adventure Sites, Develop Lake Lanao and Camp sites,
  • Development of “One Town, One Product” that will provide souvenir items, which will be a symbol of the town for tourists who will visit the town.


  • Completion of the Maya RORO Port will be prioritized in coordination with Philippine Ports Authority, the Incumbent Congressman, and the Provincial Government to support tourism agenda,
  • Construction of Docking Facility or Pier at Malapascua Island  for pump boats or smaller sea crafts serving incoming and outgoing tourists to and from the island,
  • Develop the Old Market (beside Skating Rink) into Food and Entertainment Center highlighted with weekend activities to entice local tourists from adjacent municipalities and spur economic activity for local and micro businesses.


  • Introduce a sustainable food production and FOOD SECURITY PROGRAM through the EMPOWERMENT of the barangays, through Proper ORGANIZATION, RESPONSIVE Training, and Productive MOBILIZATION to prepare them to handle an ECONOMIC ENTERPRISE (EE),
  • LGU-funded  and People’s Organization Operated EE’s, the  income of which will be shared by both, with the LGU’s share will appropriated to expand such EE  for other accredited people’s organization to operate (e.g. Commercial Egg Production, Poultry Meat Production, Piggery and Goat Raising for Commercial Meat Production and Organic Farming),
  • Establishment of industrial zones to attract investors.Gen. Loot’s humble beginnings has exposed him the rigors, miseries, and challenge of a hand-to-mouth existence. He practically lived and depended on what the small farm his grandparents rotationally cultivated. This motivated him to venture into farming and agribusiness and later became his obsession to pursue after retirement until politics changed his priorities. He has a good understanding and clear outlook of the EEs he is proposing.


  • 100% electrification of remaining unlighted sitios and the street lighting of main roads around the municipality
  • 100% provision of water system to all barangays in coordination with Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), a national government agency
  • Proper implementation of waste management and environmental concerns in accordance with existing Laws



  • HALADAYA Festival, which made Daanbantayan famous and earn a coveted space in the festival map of the country shall be reinvented, revitalized and aggressively promoted to bring back its OLD GLORY which catapulted Daanbantayan to greater heights in the past.
  • Establishment and Development of HERITAGE Sites, old Rondalla’s Groups, Historical Sites, and Museum.


  • Existing unfinished FISH PORT undertaken during the incumbency of Mayor Maria Luisa Loot located at Sitio Mahayahay, Poblacion shall be pursued and developed. It will also serve as alternate port and will open a gateway to trade and commerce between Daanbantayan and Bantayan Island residents.
  • Establishment of a modern hospital in collaboration with the national and provincial governments.
  • Inviting private universities to invest and establish educational institutions in the municipality.


  • Development of an 8-hectare Reclamation Project at the back of the Municipal Hall to extend towards the proposed fish port. A developer has already been tapped who is willing to fund the same under a “Build Operate Transfer” Scheme. A board walk will be constructed to highlight the famous Daanbantayan sunset.